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The Good Stuff: February 9, 2015

by Ana Wang

February 09, 2015

1. Sally Singer on optimism

Karley Sciortino, columnist of the Breathless column for, turned me onto this 2007 interview of Sally Singer. There are so many interesting nuggets that I've never really seen articulated anywhere else, on fashion and Vogue as an aspirational publication. Can the divisive topic of tastemaking be seen as something less dictatorial and more directional (i.e. this is not how you should live your life, but a range of suggestions on how you could)? Why does a publication that speaks about the top 1% of anything matter? The article is called "Optimism".

"It’s an approach to the world that’s inherently optimistic. It’s inherently kind of pro-active. It’s about creating and sustaining an approach to the world that is more interesting, more vibrant, and probably more beautiful in conventional and unconventional ways, and more captivating, more fundamentally captivating, than what we started with at the beginning of the day."

2. Stacy London on style, breaking into fashion, and beauty

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen that a few days ago I professed to growing up watching Stacy London on What Not to Wear with my mom, back when I had only started dreaming about a career in fashion (pre-fashion school) and Stacy's partner in crime was a guy with moppy long hair called Wayne. The cake on the interview is the part where Stacy talks about going to school for philosophy and literature and how she ended up in a career in fashion; the icing then is the part about her beauty routine, wherein she mentions her favorite thing to put over everything: Crimson and Clover by green beauty brand Ilia. Read it here.

3. Love Stories

Love is the universal truth. It's almost Valentine's Day. This collection of essays - a new one is released every day until Valentine's Day - is a delight to read, because they allow me for a brief moment to experience a view on love that's different from my own limited perspective as a 26-year-old married woman.

4. MR Round Table: 'Til Wife Do Us Part

Love and marriage is a hot topic right now (hmmm...). I really love Man Repeller's round table discussions - they're raw, candid and relevant. Actually, I'm a fan of MR in general, because they're one of the few fashion blogs that has actually stepped up to bring something new and smart and funny to the table. Among the participants to this one, "Til Wife Do Us Part", are made in USA luxury designer Rosie Assoulin, writer Lauren Sherman, and of course Ms. MR herself, Leandra Medine, who was married even younger than I wasRead it here.

5. Rethinking the term "maker"

Debbie Chachra writes on The Atlantic

When tech culture only celebrates creation, it risks ignoring those who teach, criticize, and take care of others.

This really made me think because as you know, there is a big maker movement going on right now and I've always viewed it as a sign that we're emerging out of a culture that disposes mindlessly and into one that that can appreciate the craft and processes that go into making - thus, a newfound appreciation and resurgence in the people who make. But, I've never thought about it from this point of view. I don't necessarily agree, but it's a good read.



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